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WhatsApp from Meta is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees*.
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WhatsApp messages: WhatsApp is a messaging app and the Whatsapp business app is a free messaging application available in different stores that allow you to send text messages and communicate with your contacts. It guarantees many features with great possibilities for privacy and darkness.

It also allows you to share all files, photos, and videos with friends, as well as It, works on various Android devices as well as IOS Download devices. It can also make all voice calls, video calls, and text chats. Emojis can be sent as well as animated stickers.

You can put multiple cases that you like, specifying the parties that you can see, and blocking the parties that you do not want. Receiving messages on Whatsapp from it is supported by many platforms because of its ideal elements and features. It is considered one of the most important social networking programs.

It also works on mobile devices as well as computers. It also provides multiple services to users with many functions and continuous developments and updates. It also allows you to By registering and creating your account using your phone number and personal photos, as well as your profile, it allows you to make International calls with anyone within different countries and send important files for work.

It supports all formats for files, photos, as well as videos, and you will not have problems executing many of the commands you want, as well as receiving all things from friends while following up on their cases and other things that you have to Discover when you download this wonderful application.

The inception and establishment of the WhatsApp App

The word WhatsApp in English is Whatsapp com, and it is an application that helps you instant message with contacts and shares all the files you want and with full support for all formats.

It is considered one of the safe and easy ways to have conversations and correspondence with people in different countries and get many advantages, and it was developed by the American Brian Acton and the Ukrainian Jan Koum (also CEO), also in April 2014 the producing company issued a statement containing:

The number of Whatsapp inc subscribers exceeded 500 million, and in August of the same world, the number of subscribers exceeded 600 million, and in January 2015 the number of users of the program became 700 million, but in 2017, the number reached 1.2 billion users around the world, and it does not consume A large storage space inside the phone, like other boring messaging applications that contain harmful files and many problems, as its size does not exceed 29 megabytes, so it works very efficiently and will not It causes you all the problems related to running out of space and you will have the ability to fully deal with all the existing features,

As it is compatible with all existing devices as it works on Android devices and Whatsapp IOS devices, as well as you can download the emulator program on your computer and it will work with you with high quality without problems so whatever it is The type of phone you have will work with you and you can make all calls and conversations with friends and communicate with them without problems, it also works on all Android phones where it requires an operating system 4.3 and above and so it will work upon installation, and the application is constantly updated with the update of the old versions in order to be The addition of new features,

And the latest version is also restricted within the Google Play Store as a resident of those aged 3 years and above, and it has been downloaded from the store more than 5 billion times, which is a huge number and indicates the extent of the services and modern technologies it provides.

You will also not encounter language-related problems within the WhatsApp application, as it is available in many languages, including the English language, as well as the Arabic language for all users within the Arab world, so it will not be a problem for you.

You can download and choose the appropriate language for you and anyone in the world can deal with it And a choice between various and different languages, as it is designed to suit all groups, ages, as well as nationalities, as it includes many awesome, fun and powerful features that work to communicate in high quality and with high-speed technologies, as well as it does not require you to pay fees or do a monthly or annual subscription as it is absolutely free Integrated and all the features and lists inside it are free and will remain free all the time and this is the wonderful and amazing feature that many are looking for in communication-related applications,

As most of them require an expensive subscription with a high cost, and it also maintains the confidentiality of messages and calls and does not share them with any user or withdraw Pictures and personal content from inside the phone, as it enjoys a high degree of security as it performs the encryption process from the Internet Beginning to the end.

How to download WhatsApp

You have various methods of downloading to suit your taste, as it is available for you to download at any time. It is available on all online stores and can be downloaded. It can also be downloaded through our website directly without annoying ads for free without paying fees and we also provide you with links to download by entering On the official Google Play store and downloading Whatsapp for pc and so you have the freedom to choose the appropriate method for you,

There are also some stores that provide all previous versions and can be downloaded as well if your phone is running an old version, you can also download the PC version and this can be done by entering the official website program and then you need a QR code and then it will download with you automatically.

  • Download WhatsApp Messenger app
download WhatsApp from google play
Download WhatsApp From Google Play Store

Downloading WhatsApp Messenger is the easiest and fastest way to send messages to any friend or caller from the mobile phone on the list of contacts. The only condition is that the friends you want to communicate with must download WhatsApp for mobile on their mobile phones.


At the present time, Whatsapp Messenger is compatible with all mobile devices in the market, for example, And

roid, iPhone, Symbian, and Windows Phone, and this means that you will be able to communicate with any friend through the WhatsApp website, regardless of the type of mobile that this friend uses You can also, through the Whatsapp For Android application, manage or create groups, and anyone can join the group as long as he has been invited by the administrators and those in charge of the group.


Download WhatsApp: It is worth noting that users of the WhatsApp application can send any text or voice message, and they can also send photos, videos, and links to any friend on the application.

Automatic pressure makes downloading images easier and easier, and the WhatsApp application is free, where you can use it with ease and ease without paying any subscription fees for text messages, also the WhatsApp program is compatible with GBWhatsapp PLUS as long as it comes to sending and receiving messages.

  • Features and features of the WhatsApp Messenger app

There is no doubt that the Whatsapp application is characterized by many features and advantages, as it allows you my status feature for users of the application, where they can express their status by sharing a video, static images, or animated images with friends instead of using normal texts, where this status appears For all the people and friends who are in the user’s contact list and it remains present for 24 hours and after that, it disappears, as is the case with the snap chat application.

And to use this feature, you must press my status button, where you can share videos, gifs, still images, or GIFs, and you can also use the camera directly to shoot photos and videos and send them to friends, and you can also see the statuses shared by people in your contacts list It is also worth noting that if you send a message without an internet connection, the image will be placed directly in the queue, and when connected to the Internet, it is sent to the person you want to send it to, and you can send many images at one time to reach 30 images after it was only 10 images.

The application also provides a special feature, which is that if you want to send a picture to a friend, you can add emoji or text writing. And you can also modify the videos, where you can cut out part of the video to be sent, and the Whatsapp recently made it possible to change the shape and size of the font used in messages in an easy and simple way, where you can now use the italic text feature, or bold text, or add a line in the middle of speech To appear crossed out, if you want to use the bold text feature, you must put an asterisk * before the sentence you want to send, and it will appear in bold when sending.

If you want the speech to be in italics, you must put the _ sign before the speech to make it italic when sending.

WhatsApp also added to its updates new features that help you in the ability to control. You can also add or provide groups or groups. It also added a good feature, which is the waiting feature. When someone calls you while you are busy with another call, it appears to the other user that you are busy now.

  • New features in the latest WhatsApp update

Through the new update of the program, you can do group video calls with friends and family with high-quality technologies. The problems with sending photos and files, as well as the problems you were facing when setting the case, were also fixed. In the new update, you can link between WhatsApp Login and social networking sites such as Facebook and others.

How to install WhatsApp on the device.

As for installing the program on phones, it is easy to use, as all you have to do is download it through our website from the free links that we provide to you, and you will find that the installation file has been downloaded.

Whether a few seconds, after that it will ask you for some special permissions such as accessing your contacts as well as accessing the gallery so that you can share photos, videos, and all existing files, then you can enter the settings menu after opening and you have to create your personal account via the phone number only and those It is the feature where it does not require creating an account through the mail and other complex steps that some people do not know. After entering the phone number,

You will receive the activation code via messages. Enter the code and it will work with you. Then put your personal picture, profile, and all the data you want. As for the computer, you have to From downloading the emulator program to run the program on the device after that and upon installation, the main interface will appear to you and search for the name of the application, and as soon as it appears and press, the download will be completed and Work with you directly without hindrances or problems.

About the WhatsApp the Business app

The Whats app Business application is one of the applications that provide an excellent and very wonderful service for business owners, as it allows them to communicate with customers, customers, and consumers with ease.

It allows you to stay in contact with your customers so that you can promote the products you want to sell, and it is also a free application that allows you to communicate with customers without paying any costs, and one of the most important features of the Whatsapp application is that it allows you to quickly respond to customers

And consumers by creating ready-made messages that you can use every time without having to write every time, and it also has an automatic reply feature through which you can send some welcome messages to customers, and you can also send messages containing details of the business you do You can also add a personal profile for your business by adding some information about this business and the address of this business.

You can also describe this business and add your email, This helps customers and consumers to reach you faster so that they can communicate with you easily, you can also use the Whatsapp web app on computers.

Features of the WhatsApp Messenger application | Whats app APK

  1. WhatsApp Messenger helps you to easily contact your contacts, as after creating a contact on your phone, their WhatsApp appears in front of you, so you can communicate with them without any difficulty.
  2. Through it, you can send messages, photos, and videos to all your contacts on the phone and communicate with them at any time.
  3. It helps you to know the person you want to talk to if he is online or not, by entering his page where the last scene of this person is written or he is typing Online now, all of this helps you to easily communicate with other people.
  4. It is used by a very large number of people from all over the world, with more than 5 billion users, and it is also available in all different worlds, and this is unlike many other social networking sites.
  5. Through it, you can add a lot of cases to your profile, and these cases last for 24 hours so that your friends can view and view them.
  6. It does not consume a lot of the Internet, as you can run it on any Internet quality, even if it is poor or weak, and you can also run it on Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  7. Through it, you can create a group for your friends so that you can talk and communicate with each other, and you can add a lot of friends to this group and there is no specific number of friends to be added in the group.
  8. All people can download it on their phones as it takes up little space on the phone, unlike some social media apps where it takes up almost 30MB of phone space.
  9. It has a blocking feature through which you can block people you do not want to talk to or intrusive people, and by activating this feature, these people cannot reach you.
  10. It is also characterized by continuous updates every period in order to provide the best service to WhatsApp Messenger users from all different countries of the world.
  11. You are not required to log in every time you want to access the application, as your account is always open and you can access it at any time as you wish.
  12. You can use it completely free of charge without having to pay monthly subscriptions, and you can also download it to the phone without paying any fees, as it only requires you to connect to the Internet, enter the Google Play Store, write WhatsApp and press the word install, and then within a few seconds the application is downloaded On the phone so you can install it and use it as you like.
  13. Through it, you can make voice calls and video calls with your friends, thus saving you a lot of money that you might pay in making international calls when talking with your friends abroad.
Common flaws in WhatsApp
  • Anyone who catches your phone can see the messages between your friends and thus can learn many secrets about you, and this person may be your husband, wife, or friend.
  • It needs you to be online to be able to send messages to your friends.
  • Sometimes it may cause inconvenience to some people who use it because of the large number of incoming messages.
  • It requires the user to add his number with other people in order to be able to communicate with them.
  • It is only used on smartphones so a large number of people do not use it.
  • Your profile picture is visible to all people who have your contact number.
  • It sometimes causes addiction because of the frequent sitting on it.
  • It can’t send more than 30 photos to someone else, and if the number of photos you want to send is more than 30 it is phased until you can send them.

A full explanation of all the settings within the WhatsApp application

  • How to use WhatsApp Messenger

You can use the WhatsApp Messenger application with ease by entering one of the electronic stores, and typing WhatsApp Messenger in the search engine, and here the application appears in front of you, you must click on it and open it and press the word install, and then within seconds the application will be downloaded On your phone, then you must click on the application and open it, and here it requires you to enter the name of the country and its code and write your phone number,

And then within half a minute you will receive your code to register on the application, which consists of 6 numbers, and when you enter this code and click on the confirmation word, you have created an account on WhatsApp, and with this, you can enter the profile setting where you write your name and add a picture to your profile, and then you click on Allow access to your contacts, and with this, you can chat with your friends and communicate with them Send photos and videos to them.

  • How to enter WhatsApp from a computer | Whats app Web

You can access WhatsApp from the computer by using Whats app Web by downloading it from one of the electronic stores, and you must enter the phone number in order to be able to activate it, and then you can enter on the computer and click on Whatsapp Web via any browser, and then you must You enter the WhatsApp settings on your phone and click on Whats App Web, and this will show all the devices connected to your account, so you can connect the phone to your computer by opening the camera to read the barcode, so you can access, read and reply to WhatsApp through a device PC.

  • How to control WhatsApp private settings

The WhatsApp application offers you a lot of special settings related to privacy and security to provide you with more protection that you are looking for so that no one will disturb you when using all the menus and messaging inside it, where you can initially choose the language you want when using the program in order to use and control the tools The existing settings are commensurate with the language you speak, and it automatically converts the language by using the language you use inside the phone and these are great features.

You can also enter the existing settings menu in order to modify and change it in proportion to the amount of privacy and security that you want to obtain, At the beginning, when you enter the main interface, you will see three dots next to the search menu, and when you click on it, you will see a set of important options.

Click on the settings menu, which contains a number of tasks and characteristics that must be modified at first, you will find the section for the account Which can be implemented by implementing some privacy-related features, and it can determine who sees their personal photos, whether from contacts or anyone who has a Wii You can specify contacts or all, and you can also specify who sees your last cooking, and anyone can be prevented in that option in order to maintain privacy so that you can open and lock at any time as you like, and among the options that preserve your security and personal life,

You can specify Who is watching the case, where only a certain number of people can be selected, so you can put personal messages and videos as you want, as well as the privacy that is attached to the news list can be determined and can be made available to everyone or hidden permanently, as well as the indicator for reading the message can be activated and canceled so that the person you are talking to does not know that you are You have seen and read the message that he sent, you can also be selected who will add you within the groups and assign you to them, as you can select the option of all, contacts, or make exceptions as you like. Turn the live location menu on or off so your friends can determine where you are currently.

There is also a security menu, which shows you that all messages and calls that you make are encrypted and no one will be able to access them, view them, or view the contents that you share with friends, as he does not share them or all personal data about you.

If someone changes the security code for you, regardless of this procedure, all conversations and messages between you and him will remain encrypted in all cases, and thus it is one of the ideal and safe applications with modern technologies, as it has become the most popular in the field of messaging, and it is also possible to press and request all information related to your account Personal and upon request, your report will be available within three days, and after its availability, it can be downloaded to your phone or shared with any other application. Your order is canceled without reference to you.

  • How to change WhatsApp number

Many users of the WhatsApp Download program do not know the correct way to change their number inside it and face difficulties as they do not know the steps in this part of the article we will explain the method to you in detail to save you more time and effort, as you will have to initially enter the application and then open a menu Settings and then log in to the account and then you have to choose the change number section and after entering it choose the next and you have to fall asleep in this step and put the current number and the new number.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger

And then you will receive the activation code on your new number and then it will work with you easily and quickly without problems, but you must know Some important information, as this procedure will transfer all information and groups to your new account, and you must first make sure that you can receive calls and text messages on it so that you can activate without facing obstacles in that.


  • How to cancel a WhatsApp account

In order to permanently delete the WhatsApp account from within the program, you will have to take some security measures and steps until you do the deletion process permanently, and after reading this part, you will be fully aware of all the steps that you have to take and the many information that will definitely benefit you, in the beginning, you have to log in On your current account and then log in to delete my account from the account list and you will find it at the bottom.

After that you will have to choose the country in which you live and put your current number and then you will receive a special code on the number to maintain your safety and after the situation, it will delete permanently, but You should be careful that you can no longer get the information, messages, and conversations that were present or the photos and videos that you have shared with friends or groups and you should use this option very carefully before implementing.

  • How to change WhatsApp chat wallpaper

Many users want to change the appearance of the program to suit their general taste, and among the advantages is that the WhatsApp program allows you to do a lot of great things and great and ideal methods that give you full control over all the options available where you can set the appearance as you want by entering the settings and then Log in and you will find a number of options.

You will have to choose the chats in which you will find the appearance, which can be done by setting the general appearance of the application, whether it is light or dark, and then you will be met with the option for screen backgrounds and chats, where you will also find a number of steps that you can take and you can Put it without a background or choose from inside the phone gallery and put your personal photo or the image of your loved one.

There are also some fixed colors that can be placed and deleted at any time or choose the default mode as you like. There is also a section related to the wallpaper library, which contains a large number of them with High quality and carefully designed.

  • How to make a backup in WhatsApp

In this article, we provide you with the method and steps related to backing up all your conversations in order to retrieve all the existing data that you have uploaded at any time. Click on it and then it will ask you for your beautiful account and then it will make your copies and it will not take much time.

  • Control WhatsApp Messenger notifications

You can control WhatsApp Open notifications with ease by entering the settings for the application, and here you will find two options to set notifications, the first is message notifications and the second is group notifications, the first is messages that are between you and anyone else, and the second is conversations Which are within some groups and groups.

After that, you can set the notification tone where you can choose a sound for incoming messages, and you can also choose to mute so that you cannot hear any sound when incoming messages arrive, and you can also choose the vibration feature when incoming messages arrive and you can choose between vibration Short or long vibration,

And you can also choose a pop-up notification through which WhatsApp are displayed on the phone screen when they reach your phone, and you can turn this feature on or off according to what you want, and if you do not want to hear any sounds upon arrival Incoming messages You have to deselect the tones so that you cannot hear any sound when any message arrives on WhatsApp.

  • Control Data Usage and Storage in Whatsapp APK

You can control the data usage in Whatsapp APK, as a lot of photos and videos consume a lot of data, which leads to the exhaustion of your internet package.

You have to go to the application settings and after that, you must click on data and storage usage then you can press a word while roaming and when you click on it you must disable the images, videos, audio clips, and documents, then after you must confirm the choice by pressing the agree button After that, you must choose the “Slight Data Use” feature, and by using this feature, you can disable the automatic download of photos, videos, audio clips, and documents in the case of using the data package, and when using this feature, the quality of the calls you make may be weak to some extent.

You can also control the storage feature of photos, videos, audio clips, and documents, where you can store them on your phone or memory card. You can also choose the feature not to store on the phone by entering the settings of the application and with this, you can control the data and storage usage in the Whatsapp APK.

  • How to create a WhatsApp Messenger group

You can create a new group on WhatsApp with ease so that you can talk with a large number of your friends at the same time without having to talk to each one of them alone, and in order to do that you must follow the following steps so that you can create a group on WhatsApp correctly First, you have to open the WhatsApp application and click on a new group located at the top of the phone screen.

This is for iPhone users, and for Android phone users, you can click on the three dots at the top of the screen and when you click on it, a set of options will appear in front of you.

By clicking on the first option of it, which is a new group, and when you click on it, your contacts will appear in front of you, so you can add any friend to you by clicking on the contact.

After you have finished adding friends, you can choose the name of the group that is located at the top of the screen, You can also add a picture of the group that you have created, and when you are done with all this, you can click on the word create and thus you have created the WhatsApp group correctly without any error, as you can also remove any member from the group easily by clicking on that member’s contact and clicking on the word delete.

  • How to install WhatsApp message in the first list

When some people open WhatsApp, a lot of incoming messages appear in front of them, whether they are from some friends and through the groups they are subscribed to, there are also some people who interest you more than the rest and you want to see the messages received from them first before anyone else, even if the sending timing was before those Other people, and now you can pin conversations from people who are important to you in the first list of conversations,

Where you can now install about 3 conversations that appear in front of you in the first chat list, you can install these conversations by pressing the pin icon that is at the top of the list and when Clicking on it will show these conversations at the beginning of the list, and this way these conversations will appear at the top of the list, and you can also cancel them by pressing the pin icon again, this feature will help you to easily communicate with the people who are important to you in terms of sending messages to them without the need To search in WhatsApp, and also in terms of receiving messages from them.

  • Save storage space from your phone’s memory

Whatsapp is one of the applications that take up a lot of space on our phones, all because of the photos and videos that are downloaded from the application automatically, all this leads to filling the memory of the phone, and sometimes leads to closing the application, and it is also necessary to have enough space On the phone so that you can open any application as quickly as possible,

And so that you can save storage space from your phone memory and prevent the WhatsApp application form using a large area of ​​​​the phone, you must do the following, you have to open the WhatsApp application on your phone and then you have to click on the three dots at the top of the application, and then a lot of options will appear in front of you,

You have to click on the last option of settings and when you click on it, the main menu appears in front of you that contains a lot of options, you have to click on chats and this will appear in front of you Another menu, you have to enter the chat settings and press display media, and when you press deactivate, the media downloaded through WhatsApp is not displayed in the gallery of your phone, and then you can save storage space from the memory Your phone, and you can also turn off this feature for some groups and people and others not,

By clicking on the chat that you want to modify and then clicking on its contact, then clicking on the option to see the media, and here the WhatsApp application will ask you if Whether you want to save the media from this chat in your phone gallery or not, you can use WhatsApp in any way you like and save space from the phone memory.

  • Explanation of downloading WhatsApp stories

There is no doubt that the WhatsApp application has a lot of awesome and distinctive features that help you communicate and talk with your friends and contacts greatly, as it contains a large number of features and menus that need a detailed explanation in order to have the full ability to use it properly without Facing obstacles during use and in order to have the ability to use modern technologies with friends and keep abreast of all existing updates.

The program will ask you for some permissions that you have to enter and agree to, such as access to contacts in order to be able to communicate with all the numbers registered with you, and the ones that contain an account are displayed and messages can be sent to them all. The part where it can be fetched and placed inside your case.

When you enter the application, you will have many menus and sections, click on the After that, you will be transferred inside it and it will show you the stories that friends have shared and can be viewed and viewed in order to see the photos and videos inside, as well as what you have seen before, after that you will find the word “My Status” and when you click on it, you will be transferred to the camera and you can shoot photos and clips Directly and place it or alternatively, you can choose from within the gallery, and then you will be transferred to the modifications page, which will explain all the tools inside.

Where you can put the explanation of the image and write the written texts you prefer so that it appears at the bottom of the case when it is placed, whether it is a successor or a section. You can also use the existing writing tools that can put the place you want to write in, as well as the appropriate color and with the formation, as well as the part for using the brush, which can be selected and marked in order to select various things and can also cut and rotate and choose the parts that you want to share with friends.

The feature of existing filters and effects that change the properties of colors with putting wonderful shapes on them and removing and hiding things that you do not want, and when sharing videos, you can cut and choose the part you want, as well as many of them can be placed in order, and you can also write on them and put stickers, texts and explanations below them, as well as You can specify the people and contacts you want to see your story and this can be done by entering it and challenging d all the privacy you desire so that you will share all your personal photos completely securely.

  • Save storage space from your phone’s memory in WhatsApp

Many people suffer within the WhatsApp application from the problem of space, as all the images, files and videos are saved inside the phone memory, which consumes a lot of them and causes problems for the phone, and this problem is annoying for many phone users, whether Android or IOS, so you will not find enough space later to save important files And download the applications you want, and in this article, I will publish some steps that allow you to save large areas without having to download programs that clean memory and consume large areas as well. The steps will be very easy and anyone can find and follow them.

Log in and open the application and then You can click on the three dots next to the search mark when you open it click on the option for settings and then you will be taken to the privacy and security page and others, after that you have to click on the option of using data and storage and you will be transferred to your network and storage page,

Choose storage and you will Wait a little while for it to calculate how much storage you have inside your conversations in order from highest to smallest, then choose me See the conversations that have a large area, and once you click on it, it will display the number of messages that you have shared with the contact you chose, as well as photos, videos and files, and their number with their space, and you will find below that information the list of freeing up space.

And after clicking on it, a confirmation message will appear to you and then you will The deletion is done, but you have to be careful not to delete the important things, as it will be difficult to retrieve them after doing these steps, and then you will have the large spaces available to you for downloading and downloading as you wish, as well as for iPhone users, you will find that all the steps are the same and close to them It can also reduce and save your space with the same steps without problems.

  • How do you know whether you have been blocked on WhatsApp or not?

It is possible to know and discover who blocked you within the WhatsApp application in many and varied ways that tell you that you have been placed in the block list by this person and there are some signs that help you know that information, at first and when you enter into the old conversations between you and the contact you will not be able to See his personal pictures that he put before, you also did not see his last appearance, which is located under the name and the picture,

There are other signs that indicate that you have been blocked, as when you enter the chat, you will not see the voice call sign as well when sending messages, you will not have visible signs or you will not be answered and if the checkmark remains in gray it means that you have been blocked by this person, these are some indications by which you can find out about this and there is also the final way that makes you aware that you have already been blocked and is by creating a private group And put this person in it. If you can’t add it to it, it means that they have already put you on the list.

  • How to activate two WhatsApp numbers in one phone

Many users, especially businessmen, want to have two accounts on the WhatsApp application, but this feature is not present in the program, there are many ways that allow you to do this through auxiliary programs, and today we will explain the easy method that many subscribers use by downloading Parallel Space, which is It allows you to make copies of any application you want inside it within its own virtual world,

This helps you to have more than one account at the same time inside the phone and work on them, which provides you with privacy and make and allocates an account for personal dealings with your life and family, as well as the account related to work and communication with customers and other things, Just download the program, it is easy to use, and when you open the main menu will appear, click on the existing mark and make copies of the application you want, and it will be placed directly and can be accessed and used, and a new account is registered inside it with good handling and speed in performance.

  • How do you know that your WhatsApp is hacked?

In the recent period, the phenomenon of spying and penetration of phones has spread, especially the WhatsApp application, and WhatsApp is one of the favorite applications of many people, so he talks with his friends in it comfortably without any concern, and when the WhatsApp application is hacked by a person,

All the messages you receive from other people will reach On the computer of the person who hacked your account, and in order to avoid this problem, you must follow the following steps to make sure that your WhatsApp account is hacked or not, first you must enter WhatsApp and open the application and here you must click on the points The three are at the top of the screen, and when you click on it, a set of options will appear in front of you, and these options are a new group, a new group message, WhatsApp Web,

For starred messages, and settings, you have to click on option No. 3, which is WhatsApp Web, and when you click on WhatsApp App Web If your device is secure, a page will appear containing the scanning code and in the middle of it a box with a picture of the computer or mobile and the camera will also open, but if the device is hacked, it will appear on the screen in front of you The time and date the spying was done and also the browser type is shown and this shows when the spy was browsing your WhatsApp chats.

Also, the spy can not penetrate your WhatsApp application unless it is in possession of your phone. As for the hacking, it takes place through several steps, the first of which is that the spy enters from your computer on WhatsApp Web and here it will appear in front of him on the main page a picture of an icon, and then he can The spy can access the WhatsApp application from your phone, in which case he can access the WhatsApp options and he can click on WhatsApp Web and here you can scan the code, and with this, he can open your WhatsApp and see all the conversations between you and other people and see your privacy.

You can also get rid of spying by following the following steps, first, entering WhatsApp Web. If the last appearance appears in front of you, you can click under the last appearance, which is to exit from any other device, and when you click on it, you will be logged out from all other devices, also you must be reassured. On your phone from time to time and accessing WhatsApp Web to make sure that your account is not hacked.

  • How to edit a profile on WhatsApp

You can easily change your WhatsApp picture by entering the application and opening it and clicking on the main menu. Here you will see many options, you can click on the last of them, which is settings, and when you click on settings, your profile picture will appear in front of you, and when Clicking on it shows the camera in front of you, and when you click on the camera,

A set of options appear in front of you. First, delete the image, gallery, and camera. You can click on any of them to modify your WhatsApp image, and you can also make some adjustments to it in terms of zooming in and out until it appears properly.

  • Change the background of WhatsApp conversations

You can change the background by entering the application and then you can enter the main menu in the application and then you can click on the settings, then you can click on the chats, and when you click on the chats,

A set of options appear in front of you, you can click on the second option It is the wallpaper, and when you click on it, a set of options appear in front of you at the bottom of the screen, and these options are without background, gallery, fixed color, wallpaper library, and default. You can click on any of them so that you can change the background of the WhatsApp conversation according to what you want.

  • Editing the name in the WhatsApp application

You can change and modify the name in WhatsApp by entering the application and the main menu and then entering the settings, then you can click on the profile picture, and when you click on it, the name appears in front of you that you can enter and change or modify, but you must be The number of letters in the name does not exceed 25 characters,

And then you can press the word “Save”, so that the name has been modified and changed easily, and you can also write any information on WhatsApp according to what you want, when you click on the news below the name where you can choose the news According to what is in the application or write what you want under the phrase of your current news.

  • Add a friend on WhatsApp

You can add a friend on WhatsApp by adding his name in your contacts and when you press the confirmation of adding the name, WhatsApp automatically updates the contact in it, and then the name of this person appears in your WhatsApp friends, and with this you can send messages to This person and talk to them, and thus you were able to add a new friend on WhatsApp, but you must make sure that this number is registered in WhatsApp.

How to make a voice and video call in WhatsApp

You can make a voice call or a video call through WhatsApp with ease, by entering the WhatsApp and opening the chat between you and the person you want to make the call with, and you will find in front of you at the top of the screen three options, you can click on the sign Video when making a video call, and you can make a voice call when you press the headset icon, so you will be able to make a voice call or a video call with ease.

WhatsApp video call
WhatsApp video call

You can also receive a voice call or a video call and you can answer it by accepting or rejecting it.

You can switch from a video call to an audio call by pressing the stop video and this will move the video call to an audio call, you can switch from a voice call to a video call by pressing the video sign and this will move the call from audio to video.

You can make a group video call by pressing on a group chat and with this, you can open the group chat for the people you want to make the call with and you can make this call between 8 people, and this is by entering the contacts and adding the people you want to add to the call.

  • Possibility to hear the chord consecutively

You can listen to the records sent to you by your friends by pressing the first record, and then all the next records will be played consecutively, but if there is a message in the middle of these records, the records will stop automatically, until you click on the record after this the message so you can hear it.

  • Know how to remove a message before reading it from WhatsApp

You can delete the message before it reaches the person to whom you sent the message by clicking on the message, and you will see two options for deleting me thus you have deleted the message before it reaches this person.


What is WhatsApp used for?

WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, images, audio, or video. The service is very similar to text messaging services, however, because WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less than texting.

Is it safe to install WhatsApp?

The app’s end-to-end encryption feature has earned WhatsApp a bit of a reputation for being safe, secure, and private. But is it really?
Because it uses end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is inherently the safer option than other messaging apps. Yes, that includes Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages, Snapchat, and even regular old iMessage. But it’s not 100 percent foolproof either.

How do I install WhatsApp?

1- Go to the Google Play Store, then search for WhatsApp Messenger. Tap INSTALL.
2- Open WhatsApp and continue to the next screen by agreeing to our Terms of Service.
3- Register your phone number.
4- If a backup of your chat history was found and you would like to restore it, choose Restore.
5- Enter your name. You can also change this later in WhatsApp by tapping More options > Settings and tapping on your profile name.

How can I use WhatsApp on PC without Phone?

WhatsApp currently offers a multi-device beta program that gives users early access to try a new version of WhatsApp for Web, Desktop, and Portal. It allows WhatsApp users to use linked companion devices without the need to keep their phones connected.

What's new

• You can now create and share a link for your WhatsApp call from the Calls tab
• Now only admins will be notified when you leave a group
• Group admins can now delete others’ messages for everyone. All participants can see who deleted it.
• See link previews for links shared via Status.
• You can now easily react to a Status post using Status Reactions.


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