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Download Pubg Mobile for PC and mobile 2022 free for all types of Windows with a direct link The PUBG Mobile game for the computer in the recent period has gained a lot of buzz in the various electronic games as it was released and circulated among gamers from different countries, thus it was rapidly exchanged among them non-stop for the features it possesses. are not found in other games as it has new capabilities not found in other games.

Pubg for the weak computer is one of the famous international games spread all over the world, especially in smartphones to play and handle easily, but there are many people who want to play it and play it on computers but encounter many problems. that they face while playing it and installing it on computers, but we will get acquainted with Solving all the problems that you face just follow us through the following lines.

Table of Contents

What are the biggest problems faced by PUBG Mobile with weak computers?

Download Pubg Mobile game for PC and mobile “Android and iPhone” 2022 is the simulation of the reality experienced by soldiers in the army and various camps. In order to adapt to a large number of devices that are present in all markets since the game was released all over the world, many people from different countries and multicultural have been attracted to it and through this game, they have been unanimous in a place that they want to carry out this adventure in the way they love and through which they know each other without a barrier.

The game is an online player over the Internet, and today there is no one who does not use the Internet, it is the platform that contains the largest number of people in the world, so it is easy for them to communicate through the play. without an objection to that.
The Pubg game has achieved great success in the world, but especially in the Arab world, as it has been downloaded by an unprecedented number of residents of the Arab world.

What is the latest update in the PUBG Mobile for pc?

Pubg Mobile for computer and mobile is one of the distinguished names in the world of action and thrill and represents simulation and real reality in the wars between the different camps so that you have the same experience you want in reality but through a distinctive electronic game with unparalleled capabilities to make the game closely resemble reality.

The game has different versions to suit many players as well as the devices they work on, whether modern or old so that there is no obstacle between them for the download process to take place and everyone can enjoy it. the indispensable possibilities in the game while you play it.
PUBG 2022 for phones makes us have everything like the camps we heard about through the army.

There are different weapons in the game that you can use to stand out from others and you have freedom of movement and control of the player of your choice without difficulty.

The game is that one of the soldiers protects himself from other enemies that are attacking him, and the only thing you have to do is survive without exposing yourself to danger, yourself through the weapons you look for during the game and conserve the ammunition you. you have so you don’t waste it on anything else.

Explanation of the new season of Pubg for PC

Pubg game for computer and phone is a game that mainly depends on your presence and your continuation in the game for as long as possible so that you can win in the end and all the games that are similar to Pubg Mobile game is a game that depends on you in the first because you are the first and last controller of it and your own abilities on the battlefield.

The company that created the Pubg Mobile game is a Korean company that has put everything into the game, from the features and capabilities that make you control the movements within the game in a more flexible and faster way than any other game, so all its games have capabilities that help you use them the right way.

What makes the player special in this game is knowing all the different possibilities and features of the game which makes him deal with the game smartly and professionally from other players and you can overcome the obstacles you face while playing the game to continue to the end. . and stay as long as possible in the game.

The number of players in a round is 100 players and they are scattered on the map that belongs to the game when you start to determine the area you want, you keep looking for different weapons and shields that protect you strongly and we must have first aid to help us. during any injury.

Within the PUBG Mobile PC 2022 game, there are only three maps, and we choose only one of them to start the adventure we want, and each map has its own specifications different from the other, such as size, shape, weather and everything is different. from the other, but there is the main map for everyone and the map in the middle.

Within the main map, there are two islands next to each other and there are many different forests, but the other map has the extreme desert atmosphere that the Arab Gulf states enjoy, and the last map is small and there are islands that want the distinctive vegetation that everyone loves and are connected to each other through bridges.

The game makes us choose everything we want from the people we play with, whether it is a boy or a girl, as well as the area in which we want to start in the competition, and through the settings that help us, we can find what keeps our lives as long as we want within the game to not stop, all we have to do is be careful with others and compete if they assault us with weapons and in order to win we must survive until the end.

The start of the game is through the settings that come up when it starts up and we click on the word graphics and then Balance and set the image to medium size and the view that we want is Connerfile and save those changes that we need in the form that we want through Control and press the word save.

These settings that you make are the ones that make you enjoy the way you want in the way that is appropriate for you in the plan that you draw while playing, everything is under your control without any dispute or otherwise, for this, we guarantee that it will reach the maximum of the adventure and for the greatest possible time of permanence within it without defeat.

Due to the great diffusion that the game has achieved, its presence on many different download platforms is not something that surprises us, the PUBG Lite game is free for everyone, we can use it through the Internet without problems in the download processes, but you need to download the original game files to be able to install them quickly and without any flaws in the process.

The Pubg game is a double-edged sword for everyone, as it removes all the negative energy by going through the experience of starting it and enjoying its many possibilities, but there are those who misuse it, as it can stimulate violence in the players. if we cannot differentiate between reality and play, this especially happens with children and young people in their adolescence because this is the age in which the imbalance occurs due to the lack of separation between reality and imagination.

Update PUBG Mobile Season 16 new game known as Levik map

Pubg computer game God Zilla is one of the most powerful fighting and endurance games where the race between the players and the victory is calculated to the last player who managed to survive as this game has gained unprecedented popularity since the mobile launch. version, and among the different game systems there is the system The update, which regularly parallels the release of a new season of the game, and here we are talking about the update for the fourteenth season of the game.

What are the most important additions in the PUBG Mobile 1.1.0 update?

First: Levik map

  • This map has been added to the classic system map pool. The map area is 2 km x 2 km and it is the smallest of the maps in this mode, while it includes many new features.
  • The duration of the game in this map does not exceed 15 minutes only, since the number of players who download it is only 52 players, unlike the rest of the maps of the classic mode, in which about 100 players compete with each other, this map is suitable for those who like to play fast, as it gives you the opportunity to play more than one game in a short time with more suspense and excitement.
  • The map has been equipped with a set of new weapons, including the MK12, which is a modified weapon from the main Mk weapon, and added the p90 weapon, which was originally an Arena mode only weapon but can now be found. within the weapons of the maps of the classic mode.
  • There is a new addition, the monster truck, which is a special vehicle only for the Levik map and has more than one advantage over the rest of the vehicles in Pubg. You can go down on the map and bring the vehicle and try it out. yourself.
  • The map features areas that contain a lot of ammo and loot, with a higher amount than the old maps.
  • Hot spring areas are spread all over the map and by lying down in these hot springs you will increase your strength without taking a strong drink or first aid.

New gameplay called Ignite the Flames

  • This mode is specific to the Erangel and Miramar maps, where players can practice and play matches.

The new areas in Erangel have a lot of loot

  • Flame-like areas are found all over the map and these areas contain good weapons such as airdrops these areas have good combat where many players land together to get ammo and gear.

Technical modifications in the game

The game has released some modifications to the game in some aspects, such as:

  • Modify the landing of the aircraft from the plane and add more controls during landing, so you can find exactly which areas you will land on.
  • Improved battery consumption and gameplay on weak and medium devices.
  • There are some changes to the damage done by some weapons, so you should check the damage to see the new damage level.
  • Added new instructions to adjust the game sensitivity in the sensitivity tab of the screen magnifiers in the headsets.

Play in the Arena or Arena

  • There are also some additions in the arena where you can now use different weapons to defeat the opponents like bowls and bombs while a new internal map was added as well as a different game system all this and more you have. to find out for yourself when you download the update.

The Pubg Mobile game contains many fun mysteries, and the game soon adds many cool features to add more fun and break the boredom of players, so don’t deprive yourself of a unique and different experience with your friends.

Features of PUBG Mobile Game for PC and Mobile 2022

Pubg Mobile for computer has amazing and unmatched capabilities and makes anyone who knows it wants to have this experience by starting with it. For this reason, many gamers enjoy the incomparable features that they have of these features:

  • The game has been widely spread without making any effort to search and find it, and it is freely available to everyone at no cost, and it is available in two systems, Phoenix and the emulator called Tencent.
  • When we use the game, we have full flexibility in dealing with the fights and the battle we are fighting to stay present in the game and there is an automatic simulator to make the game very much like reality for us.
  • The game has a lot of quality in everything, especially in the graphics which is the most important in the high-resolution animation in its making and the precision of the details in it makes it very close to the truth and this is what everyone strives for the programmers by
  • The sound effects in the PUBG Mobile for PC 2022 have a great role in our enjoyment of the game. The presence of sound is loud and clear for everyone with the presence of music during the game increasing our enthusiasm and keeping us playing. play.
  • The PUBG computer game has a lot of different weapons that help us in the battle that we are fighting continuously without stopping.
  • We are the ones who choose the weapon with which we are going to attack, which is within our reach, and there are different fighting and self-defense tools to stay in them until the end, you have machine guns, artillery, rifles, and bombs. used in wars is to defend and not to be defeated.
  • Among the tools that we use in the game so that we can move from one place to another are the different cars from giant trucks and ordinary cars that we use in our lives, as well as motorcycles of all kinds, planes, and boats. you can move with it for different distances and escape from enemies.
  • PUBG Mobile game for PC 2022 and mobile is mainly about survival, and whoever accumulates a lot of points is the one who wins in the end.
  • There is more than one place where you choose to practice the battle that you will wage against each other, and it is like the truth, in which there is sand and plants.
  • To last longer, you should look for energy drinks and first aid to help you survive until the end.
  • You can do this wonderful experience individually or with a group of friends and a couple and the most fun is playing with friends you know or having a match with new friends to meet friends from all over the world.
  • When playing with friends, it provides us with a chat through which we can talk or send messages through its microphone to be closer to talking and understanding each other without the presence of an intermediary.

The manufacturer has continuously worked on all these features to produce a very simple game for us with amazing capabilities that suit everyone and makes us want to experiment with the features that exist in it.

Download and install PUBG Mobile for PC

We can download PUBG Mobile for computers, Android, and iPhone through different sites, but it must be trusted that it uses original and fake modified files or has some like prime virus of all kinds emulator that makes us install it on the device without problems with it.

Among the programs that we can download as an emulator is Knox, BlueStacks, or Forget, and all of them are used to play the way we want and in a way that makes us enjoy.

  • Knox Player Emulator Many users praise the performance and features of this emulator, as it is the best for many, since it does not cause the game to be interrupted while we fight the battle em we want, and we can download Google Player.
  • KO Player Emulator is a special emulator for Android devices so that we can use it on all kinds of computers and laptops. It’s free for everyone. There are no problems downloading it, and it has undisputed high accuracy, which makes it easier for us to run the game easily and without interruption for any reason.
  • Mimo Emulator This emulator is compatible with Android from 5.0 and has the capabilities that distinguish it and make us prefer it to other programs that we use in the simulation, and it is free for all and there is no impediment to downloading it from platforms of platforms.

PUBG Mobile game has different hurdles to Download PUBG Mobile game on laptop and computer because it is not suitable for all systems and has specific systems for it, so what ISO can we use Android prefer, and this is what the company has been looking at the rate of steady development.

But your device must have these requirements to be able to enjoy the game without problems or interference, and among these conditions and capabilities that you must enjoy is that Windows is of the 7th, 8th and 10th generation, and Velocá how much more.

The processor must be in the CPU, with a minimum speed of 1.8, and two cores. The more it is, the better and higher the efficiency. The more RAM there is, no less than three, the more Intel devices there are on the device or its hip station.

The game occupies a large area, so we must provide it with the space it needs, which is 2 MB, so that we can download it and have the emulator with it, of course, we must be connected to the Internet to be able to come and play it, and there must be a high-quality internet to increase your enjoyment.

In the past period, the game ranked first in the adventure, thrill, and suspense games as it is the first in terms of all the internal possibilities that make us want to start in a very enjoyable way.

through the devices that we want from phones of all kinds, computers, Playstation, Xbox, and other devices that make us enjoy all kinds of electronic games.

PUBG New Season 1.1.0 Update with Additions Explained

Several days ago, the computer and mobile game PUBG released a new update for the official version of it on Android phones and iPhones, and this version received a large number of downloads by the users of the famous game PUBG, and below we will mention the updates. more important. update in-game
If you’ve updated the game and you have friends who haven’t updated it, you won’t be able to play with them until they update, so make sure everyone has updated so you can play with them.

What’s new in the latest PUBG MOBILE update?

  • Miramar map modifications: Miramar map is one of the maps placed with 3 other maps, and when comparing that map and its counterparts, Miramar was the one with the least resources, so the number of people playing it is little, unlike Erangel and Sanhok. , so the company also modified the Miramar graphics. It has been equipped with more houses, resources, and added sand features because the ground on this map is desert sand.
  • Changes in weather: Pubg players know that there is a sudden change in the weather, for example, rain can fall by surprise and darkness prevails throughout the map, and in addition to these weather conditions, sandstorms have developed, so can you withstand these severe changes? We recommend that you stay indoors until the storm is over.
  • Cheer park section: This section has nothing to do with fighting. It has been added for players to get to know each other in a friendly way and make friends. By entering this section, you can invite your friends and activate one of the dances. together, by clicking on one of your friends and choosing the dance, then Accepted by the other party and ranging from having a drink or serving a flower, etc. You can also challenge your team to do some fun tasks together.
  • New game mode: Bluehole mode is a new game mode that you can try and enjoy its features by choosing blue hole among the game modes.
  • New Events: More events have been added, such as the doll event, where you have to collect her accessories to get the game accessories, such as clothes, coins, airship, and helmet as well.

How to install the new Season 16 update on your phone or computer

  • The updated space is about 1.7 GB, which is a really big space, but as we all know, the PUBG game exceeds your actual space on the device by more than 4 GB, so this size is a logical thing.
  • After pressing the install button, see a time for the download to finish. This can take a long time depending on your internet speed.
  • After the update, open the game and wait for some time until the additional file is loaded, which is only a few megabytes.
  • After entering the main screen of the game, please click on the map menu and start downloading the 300MB Miramar update, and there is also an update for the 0.6MB Sanhok map, and then you can play freely.
  • And here we present in some detail the news of the PUBG Mobile with its latest update issued a few days ago.

Buttons used in PUBG for PC

  1. Shift: – to accelerate or run.
  2. Ctrl: To separate the game to control other things on the screen.
  3. Button equal to “=”:- for continuous jogging.
  4. The letter “Z”: – to sleep on the floor.
  5. The letter “C”: – to sit on the ground and walk low.

The Most Important FAQ About Download Latest Pubg MOBILE Game

PUBG Godzilla and Tesla have recently made a splash among arcade games as they have been marketed to gamers all over the world very quickly, due to their new features, functions, and capabilities that are not available in other games.

1. What are the latest additions to the latest PUBG Mobile game?

  • Add a map of Levik: A map of Levik has been added to the maps of the traditional system, and its area is estimated to be 2 km * 2 km, so this map is the smallest of the maps in this system, but it contains a many features
  • The maximum play time on this map is 15 minutes, only 52 players are downloaded to play this map. This is in contrast to the rest of the maps in this system, where around a hundred players descend to play together. The advantage of this map is that it is suitable for those who like to play fast, as there are opportunities to play more than one. match in the shortest time with more emotion and suspense.
  • Add llamas, new gameplay: This mode is distinguished by only two PUBG maps, Miramar and Warangal, where players can practice and play matches.
  • Added new areas in Erangel map: Fire-like areas have been added to the map, and these areas have new weapons like Airdrop, and also this area is characterized by good combat where more than one player can land on a plane together to get ammunition.
  • Adding some technical improvements: changing and improving the balloon landing from the plane, adjusting battery usage and game level, and also adding new instructions to adjust game sensitivity.

2. What buttons can I use while playing on the Pubg MOBILE computer?

  1. Button (change): to run and accelerate.
  2. Button (ctrl): to disconnect from the game if you control other things on the screen.
  3. Button (=): for continuous operation.
  4. Button (z): to lie on the ground.
  5. Button (C): To walk low and sit on the ground.

3. What are the types of programs that facilitate the process of downloading the game on the computer?

  1. Recent Playmate: It is one of the important software to Download PUBG on a computer.
  2. Nox Player: It makes it easy to run the game on computers without facing any issues or difficulties.
  3. Jo Player: It works for free and helps to activate the Android system on computers and laptops.
  4. Memo Player:  contributes to the operation of the Android system on computers in an easy way and without affecting the game.
  5. Droid4X Player: Facilitates the process of downloading game files and applications to the computer.
  6. Prime OS Player: Makes it easy to Play PUBG Mobile on PC.

4. What sections does PUBG Mobile have?

  • 4v4 Team Deathmatch System: It is a kind of system in the game, which consists of two teams, each team has 4 people, and each team must fight against 40 other people until they win in the end.
  • Arcade System: Gameplay in this system requires there to be 30 people on a minimap, and the team that kills the most people in a given time wins at the end of the game.
  • Zumbi System: This last system requires the presence of 30 people and they must kill the zombies through the stages of the game, where a large number of monsters and zombies appear within the game and the team must kill them to win the game.

The summary of the free game PUBG for PC, Android, and iPhone

We cannot deny that it was the talk of millions of people around the world for a long period of time as it gained popularity all over the world and the spread of games like this has not been seen for a long time.

The game is classified as one of the electronic war games but it gained all the hype that was released in the recent period and this was a result of the great and huge work done by the manufacturer.

It has a lot of features that make arcade lovers attracted to it and prefer it to others, and everyone can play it without hindrance.

The most important problems and solutions for PUBG Mobile

Despite the many advantages of the game, these advantages can turn into disadvantages for some people, and some may face various problems or difficulties while playing the game. Below we will mention the most important of these problems and solve them:

What do I do if the game stops working?

If the PUBG Mobile stops working, this can happen for various reasons, and these reasons are:

  • Your device is malfunctioning, and here all you have to do is restart the device again, and this process helps to restart all the processes on the device and will allow you to open the game again.
  • Do not update your device as some Android devices need to update their software in order to work better, so make sure there is no new version for your device and if there is, update it.
  • Lack of space, and here you need to clear device cache and PUBG Mobile as well, and this will save you a lot of space and you can play the game.

What is the solution to the problem of not connecting the game to the Internet?

As we know, the game needs to be connected to the Internet for the player to play it, but even if your phone or device is connected to the Internet, the game may not be able to access the Internet and the solution to this problem lies in the following steps:

  • Download the VPN app through the Google Play app, the best VPN app is the robot app.
  • After downloading the app and opening it, click the “Full Device VPN” box and then choose the PUBG game.
  • Enter the game, log in, and after making sure the game is connected to the Internet, turn off the VPN service.

What should I do if the game server is down?

  • You may see a message in English with the sentence Server not responding and this message means that the server is down and repairs will be made to the game.
  • Therefore, you will not be able to open the game and log in until the repairs are complete. The solution to this problem is to wait for the process to finish, and to find out the exact date of completion, you can visit the official Pubg website on social networking sites.

What should I do if my microphone does not work?

If the microphone is not working, follow these steps to fix it:

  • Please go to the phone setting, then find the application field and click PUBG Mobile 2022.
  • After clicking, several boxes will appear, and at the bottom, there is a box called App Permissions, click on it.
  • You will find several permissions you can use including the microphone permission, click on this permission and you can use the microphone again.

We also mentioned that the Pubg has become the top action-adventure game in a short time but it has many problems that its players are facing, and among these problems are the following:

Download PUBG Mobile on PC

There is a problem that all the players of the PUBG Mobile game face, that is the lack of copy on the computer, except by downloading the android PUBG Mobile emulator on your device first, then downloading the PUBG Mobile and enjoying it with all its wonderful levels.

The problem of not downloading PUBG Mobile on computers

This problem is considered one of the most important problems you encounter while playing a Pubg Mobile Still, the solution to this problem is to provide an empty space on the computer before the process of downloading and installing the game.

You must make sure that the device has all the requirements to run and download the game so that you will not face problems while downloading it.

The problem of not opening PUBG Mobile on PC

This issue is also one of the biggest issues faced by PUBG Mobile players but you can easily solve this problem. You just have to install VPN programs and apps, change the IP of your device and thus it can change its geographical location, and thus you can easily launch it and have fun times with the PUBG on your computer.

The problem is that the game does not run very fast

Some players of this game may find that there are confusion and crashes while playing the game and they don’t know the reason for this problem, which is the incompatibility of the computer’s capabilities with the game, or this possibility is less than the requirements to run the game, so you find confusion and cuts in the game while playing it, and you can Download PUBG Lite game as an alternative to original PUBG game download for computer and thus find that the game has become faster than before, and PUBG Lite game does not require the high capacity to play, so it is better to download it regardless of the capabilities of your computer.

Failing to complete PUBG Mobile download for PC

When you encounter this problem, you need to make sure that you are connected to the Internet or have the Internet on your device to complete the download of this game easily and conveniently on your computer as quickly as possible.

Latest PUBG Mobile Updates

PUBG for computer and mobile is regularly updated and some new stages are added, among these updates:

  • Visible changes in the game and these changes are specific to the sky, the ground, the mountains, etc.
  • Among these updates is changing the appearance of famous buildings in the game, such as the prison and the quarry.
  • To create and create a more convincing atmosphere for players, trenches and barriers are added, and new firearms are added.
  • You will also find in these updates various new strategies and these strategies are used during combat.
  • The update will help players locate many locations on the Pubg Mobile map, and you may also be able to determine the location before getting off the plane.
  • Among the upcoming updates is the ability to control the car better than before and to use it easily.

Trouble Downloading Pubg Mobile For PC And Mobile 2022 Free All Kind Of Windows

Download free for all types of Windows the game Pubg Mobile for PC and mobile 2022, the game that has seen the greatest buzz since its launch at the end of 2017, and is considered a rapidly expanding game, because it has reaped millions of downloads, and has a large audience of users of social networks like Facebook, there are even some who only talk about it since it has become the talk of every country in the world.

Q: What is the solution to the problem of being unable to download the PUBG game on an emulator?

A: There are cases where slow internet or emulator problems cause a download stop message to appear every time the user presses the word download, so the solution is to choose the best available emulator, which is Tencent Gaming Buddy,

Which supports the ability to complete the download even if it stops, and even the application has the enable It is possible to fix any errors if they exist to restore the original settings of the emulator without the need to download any additional files, and this helps to run the game at the fastest speed.

Q: How to solve the connection problem when there is no response from the server

A: According to the latest update of the PUBG Mobile, the company that issued the game to the user every period of time, the ability to log in again, there are times when the user displays a message (cannot connect to the server), and to fix this if you are playing through an emulator, it will require to Fix this emulator, and that takes a long time.

And the matter is not connected to the Internet, it will only ask the user to download a small file for the PUBG game in the emulator, and when you finish the matter, you will be prompted again to type the login data in the game, and you will find the games running faster.

The difference between the new PUBG PC game and the old game

With the increase in the number of Pubg Mobile players recently, the large number of new updates, to eliminate problems related to the improvement of the game, to adapt to this large number of users, and this appeared by changing the shape of buildings and expanding. maps, to make the game more modern, and even added new locations within the Erangel map that many players love.

The Season 15 update brought many new skins, new skins, and distinctive classic weapons, which made playing the game more enjoyable, including the MG3K. This new weapon came with a distinctive feature, and many weapons such as the SKS and M416 Kar98k were redesigned.

To improve the visual quality of each of them by installing scoop 6 or scoop 8, a lower bounce rate is better during gameplay.
Sandok has been completely redesigned in this update, to be jungle shaped in the new season, especially for those using PC, Xbox 1, and some other devices, and in between those changes, all the rocks, trees, and buildings are reverted. build inside the map called (Nearby) in all the popular places like Ruins and Boot Camp Quarry.

Comparison between PUBG and Free Fire

The number of downloads of PUBG PC and Mobile exceeds 400 million downloads from the Play Store and App Store, and it was rated 4.3 on the Play Store and 4.5 on the App Store.

In contrast, the number of downloads of the Free Fire game on the Play Store reached more than 500 million downloads, making it the most downloaded game title in 2019 within the Play Store, and even its evaluation within the same store 4.3, and in the App Store 4.

Pubg Mobile download for PC and mobile free for all types of Windows is done in very large numbers, due to the fact that it is one of the very interesting and fun games, in addition to the special updates that have been added to the PUBG Mobile in the last version.

The capabilities that are suitable for the PUBG Mobile game for PC 2021

  1. A direct internet connection must be available for the game to work, so the game does not work unless there is the internet.
  2. A minimum of 2 GB of space must be provided to download the game and the emulator as well.
  3. The game requires Intel integrated cards, but you may also encounter poor performance.
  4. RAM must be 3 RAM or more.
  5. The processor must have a CPU speed of at least 1.8 and a dual-core processor or higher.
  6. Windows 7, 8, 10, or higher must be provided.

Recommended capacities for full game functionality:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i5-7600K.
  • Memory: 8GB RAM.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or better.

The lowest capacities PUBG Mobile works on

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300.
  • Memory: 6GB RAM.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB DirectX: Version 11.
  • Network: A broadband Internet connection.
  • Storage: 30 GB of available space.


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